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Tuesday Tips: What Color To Paint Your Front Door?

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Are you torn on what color to paint your front door? Adding a splash of color can really update the curb appeal of a somewhat boring home, and set it apart from nearby homes. Here are some tips on picking the right color:

  • Always consider the color of the exterior of your home (red brick, gray siding, etc.).. take a swatch of the paint color and compare how they look next to one another.
  • REMEMBER THE SHUTTERS! Do you have shutters? What color are they? Will you be updating them as well? All factors in choosing the best color. 
  • How does the landscaping tie in to the front of your home? What color are your annual plants and flowers? Will they compliment the new color?
  • Can you personally live with the new color, day-in & day-out? As the homeowner, you will be looking at this door each and every day.. make sure it is something that pleases you above all else!

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