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Madison Seller Kitchen Renovation Project:

Here at Nashville Roost, we don’t just sell property.   On many of our listings, I consult with the clients and we work together to do the upgrades and improvements that are most appealing to today’s buyer, and will bring them top market value.  The trickier part of this equation is making sure that we do the things that give a home the best bang for the seller’s buck, and that the seller is spending money on improvements that will work within a particular home’s price point.  We don’t want to over improve for an area or market, but we do want to show our homes in the best possible light, to get the best possible price.

One home that was particularly fun recently, is a special little gem at 802 Bixler in Madison, TN that will be listed next week.  Madison, a bedroom community about 20 minutes from downtown Nashville, has gained in popularity over the last few years, as buyers looking for affordable homes are being priced out of East Nashville.  It was so much fun working with the owners, a young couple named Shelby and Joe, who just recently got married.

This home is a 1950’s cottage style home with adorable curb appeal, a basement & fantastic 2 car garage with a workshop.  It had wonderful details like original hardwood floors, but the kitchen was a bit dated.  We know that kitchens are still one of the most important things to today’s buyer, so the owners and I worked together to give the kitchen a fresh update.  Stay tuned to next week’s blog and find out how we gave this kitchen its style!



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